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Apartment family lives with roaches, mice, mold and neglect. Why will no one help? Luis Decubas, his wife and children live in a southeast Fresno apartment that is infested with roaches and mice. He says he has called his landlord and city government but the conditions persist. The family is part of Fresno’s entrenched problem with blig Silvia Flores The Fresno Bee The Summerset Village Apartments crisis in late 2015 moved the situation front and center in Fresno, and spurred The Bees Living in Misery investigation of substandard housing. Stories in the series documented numerous cases of rundown properties that have long histories of health and safety violations. City Hall is trying to wrap its arms around solutions, but the sledding has been tough. Mayor Swearengin leaves office without passage of her proposal to register and inspect all rental properties. Now the responsibility for doing right for those who are often politically powerless rests with Brand. The new mayor will face another aspect of the challenge that came to light earlier this month: rundown motels operating as apartment complexes.

Your bank account is too new. Most bad credit lenders do not advertise their services because they normally have more client’s than they can handle. With that in mind, even once you’ve decided that securing a large loan is in your best interest, it is highly recommended that you eliminate some of your more substantial expenses and payments. However, there may be few instances when the on-line application is denied. Secured loans imply that the applicant offers some kind of asset as collateral; it may be a house, flat, car, van, etc. commercial building loan A lender decides who to lend to based on how likely it is that they will repay the amount they’ve borrowed. For instance, it may be smart to post your auto lease on-line so someone else can take it over. Following are the reasons which act against the people to gain equity out of their vehicle while turning them upside down on their loan. It is much harder to get financing for depressed than for stable and growth industries. WhatÂ’s more?

Once they repay their loan and interest, the collateral will be returned. Have you been planning to start a business of your own? Of course, nobody likes being upside down on their auto loan whereby the car you want to trade-in is worth $6K and you still owe $10k on it. As you can’t pay off the loan with the income from selling the car due to the negative equity in auto loan, so you’re stuck with the car and the loan payments. The knowledge will help you when you work with lenders and will give you a competitive advantage against you competition.