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About The Blackstone Group and GSO Capital Partners Blackstone is one of the worlds leading investment firms. Blackstone seeks to create positive economic impact and long-term value for its investors, the companies it invests in, and the communities in which it works. The firm does this by using extraordinary people and flexible capital to help companies solve problems. Blackstones asset management businesses, with over $360 billion in assets under management as of September 30, 2016, include investment vehicles focused on private equity, real estate, public debt and equity, non-investment grade credit, real assets and secondary funds, all on a global basis. Further information is available at www.blackstone.com . Follow Blackstone on Twitter @Blackstone. GSO is the global credit investment platform of Blackstone.


If you can convince your lender that your present situation has been due to some sudden problem, and you’ll bounce back on your feet soon, then you may get a loan relatively easier. That leaves us with the other two methods. US Small Business Administration loans SBA loans are also available for small entrepreneurial ventures. Variable costs are directly related to the level of production. Equity Financing Businesses need finance either to expand an already existing business, or to start a new one. These loans supplement loans provided by venture capitalists and angel investors. More professional investors, like venture capitalists, can be a great source of financial support for you in these conditions.

It is a very wide term and it can be said to be the study of the science of managing funds. A line of credit, unlike a loan, is not a lump sum amount on which the borrower is expected to pay interest. Are you dependent on that money for your day-to-day expenses? This is an important step as this reflects that you will come up with a retirement plan for the future. Angel investors are affluent people who finance a business for reasons best known to them.